Simplifying NDIS application processes for Millennium Disability Care

We redesigned the Millennium Disability Care website to make it simple for NDIS applicants to find, browse, and apply for services through the Millennium Disability Care website.


increase in user volume in 4 months.


increase in online sessions in 4 months.



Strategy, Design, Marketing



Launch Date

March 2020


With Millennium Disability Care offering so many disability services, we needed to make it easy for users to browse through these services on the website. At the same time, the site needed to be disability-friendly, adhering to accessibility guidelines. This means that the text needs to be easy to read by being the right size and also having the right contrast.

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We created Millennium Disability Care with a simple layout in mind, making it easy to browse and allowing for a broader audience. On the service page, each service has its own large button, which highlights green when hovered, making it easy to find where you're going. Up the top, there's contact information for those who don't want to browse the website.

We've made it easy for users to enquire about any service. Each service has its own page, and up the top of each page, there is a simple contact form. When this form is sent, Millennium Disability Care will receive an email showing which service the user has applied for. It's as simple as that.

Millennium Disability Care

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