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SEO is the most cost-effective method of increasing your accounting business' visibility, establishing your credibility and generating sales.
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SEO is the most cost-effective method of increasing your accounting business' visibility, establishing your credibility and generating sales.

It delivers more leads than traditional outbound marketing at a fraction of the cost.

While referrals will always be integral to your lead generation, in the increasingly digital marketplace, standing out in the Google search is the difference between thriving and surviving.

SEO not only helps you 'be found', but it also offers a fantastic opportunity for you to advertise your expertise and build the trust needed to secure your new business.

And it does this for you 24/7, without you lifting a finger (or a phone).

  • proven to be the most cost-effective marketing method
  • generates sales
  • increases your business visibility
  • establishes your business credibility
  • positions you as an authority and thought leader
  • builds trust
  • more scalable and reliable than referrals
  • 24/7 lead generation

Looking to kickstart your account SEO in Melbourne?

What is SEO for accountants?

SEO is 'Search Engine Optimisation'.

It involves optimising your website and its content to generate the most organic- i.e. unpaid- traffic from the search engines. So when someone types in, for example, "accountant in Melbourne", your business is one of the ones they see on that all-important first page in Google.

SEO strategies make your site easier for the search engines to navigate and demonstrate it has the three core metrics used in search engine rankings: trust, authority and expertise.

The more your site can demonstrate these, the higher up the rankings it goes.

Our 10-step Accountants SEO strategy

While every accounting firm has different goals and a tailored strategy built around them, here is the basic framework:

  1. A site audit and analysis to ensure it's fully optimised.
  2. We ensure all Local SEO is in place, such as Google My Business and local directories. With so many consumers wanting a locally based business, local SEO for accounting firms is essential.
  3. We analyse your existing online content to see what's effective, what needs altering, and where you should concentrate your efforts.
  4. Our competitor analysis assesses their current marketing tactics, weighing up whether to target the keywords they are currently getting the most success with and/or any areas they are neglecting.
  5. Our search volume analysis focuses on the most relevant keywords and popular terms, paying particular attention to those with the highest volume and fewest rivals/difficulty to rank for.
  6. Then, we tie this keyword research and competitor analysis together to create an SEO campaign in-line with your specific business goals.
  7. Our professional SEO copywriters create the QUALITY content the search engines love as much as your customers do. (We can publish it for you or send it, ready for you to simply copy and paste).
  8. We work to promote the material in order to obtain backlinks (links from other sites) that search engines see as a strong indicator of your site's authority and trustworthiness—an aspect that many small businesses overlook and one of the main reasons they fail to gain traction with their digital marketing efforts.
  9. We keep in touch with our monthly progress reports, analysing your results in line with your targets and objectives.
  10. We modify as required, always a work-in-progress, as your site rises in the search engine results pages and you hear that phone ring more and more with new, freshly warmed-up customers!

Why Quko?

Quko Studio is an accountant SEO company with a data-driven approach and proven results.

Our SEO services prioritise content marketing- THE most cost-effective method of lead acquisition for online businesses.

Instead of costly Google or Facebook ad campaigns- the goalposts moving all the time with their pricing- you have content assets promoting your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our copywriters research popular industry keywords, discover what consumers are looking for online, and then provide it.

Engaging articles that not only advertise your services but showcase your authority and expertise, simultaneously attracting customers and pleasing the search engine algorithms. Who then ranks you higher. Which attracts you more customers. For which the search engines again rank you higher. And... you can do the math from here.

  • data-driven approach
  • most cost-effective lead acquisition for small businesses
  • more leads > more appointments > more revenue
  • boost your brand visibility
  • establishes credibility online
  • builds trust with prospects
  • warms up your leads
  • no-contract
  • unique ROI money-back guarantee! (Yes, really!)

We take all the hassle of SEO and content creation off your hands, so you can concentrate on catering for the new leads.

But we don't just talk the talk- contact us today for a free consultation and ask about our unique ROI money-back guarantee!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does SEO cost?

Prices vary according to the scale and complexity of your needs- a rough rule-of-thumb is $1,000-$3,000 for a small business. Our prices are not the cheapest, but they are very much competitive within this range.

We never recommend anything you don't need. Our price is fixed and transparent.

Do accountants need SEO?

In the pandemic, accountants were among the first to recognise the need to offer a digital-only practice. The days of Yellow Pages are gone. An online presence is becoming essential for accountants, and SEO is the most effective way to distinguish your business in this digital landscape.

How long does it take before I see results?

You may see results in the first few weeks, but the main benefits come within 6-12 months, as the search engines re-evaluate your site's domain authority in light of your new targeted and optimised content. From here, things really take off as everything you do- and have done- benefits from this new ranking and prestige. The growth from here is exponential!

Do you guarantee 1st spot on the rankings?

No one can guarantee 1st spot. If you see that promise, run a mile and then keep running. For certain search terms, you may be competing against industry behemoths- like Forbes or The Financial Times- with insurmountable 'domain authority'.

So for many broader terms, it's simply not possible. To promise that is ridiculous.

However, the spots just below it ARE achievable. And for less competitive terms- albeit still with genuine purchasing intent- the gaps are there for us to go for those precious top spots.

We don't guarantee the top spot, but we DO guarantee ROI or your money-back, taking all the risk out of it for you.

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