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The real estate industry has been one of the fastest to capitalise on the potential of the internet for lead generation. The days of customers peering at your listings in the shop window are gone (or certainly on their way)- now search engines offer the biggest shop window you could ever hope for, 24/7. The only problem is you need to fight for your space on it.
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The real estate industry has been one of the fastest to capitalise on the potential of the internet for lead generation. The days of customers peering at your listings in the shop window are gone (or certainly on their way)- now search engines offer the biggest shop window you could ever hope for, 24/7. The only problem is you need to fight for your space on it.

That's exactly what Real Estate SEO does.

It establishes your digital presence, increases your visibility and credibility, and drives sales in a more cost-effective fashion than any other marketing channel.

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What is Real Estate SEO?

Optimising your website and its content to produce the most organic traffic from search engines is referred to as search engine optimisation (SEO). So, when someone types in "houses for sale in Melbourne," your real estate agency is one of the results they see on the top page of Google.

How often do you make it past the first page when searching for an answer online? Exactly.

SEO services make it easier for the search engines to navigate your real estate website and show them you have the three core metrics used in search engine rankings: (EAT) expertise, authority and trust.

The more your site can demonstrate these, the higher up the rankings it goes.

The more visibility, the more of that 24/7 traffic you can make yours.

Our 10-step Real Estate SEO services

While every real estate agency has different goals and a tailored strategy, here is the basic framework:

  1. Our site audit will assess your performance: strengths to be capitalised on and weaknesses to be addressed.
  2. We check all your Local SEO is in place, like Google My Business and local directories. With real estate such a locally-based business, this is an essential part of the strategy.
  3. Analysing your existing online content, we see what's effective, what needs altering, and where you should concentrate your efforts.
  4. Our competitor analysis looks at their current marketing techniques and asks whether we should target the keywords they're getting the most return on investment (ROI) with or any areas they're leaving unaddressed.
  5. Search traffic analysis aims to find the most relevant keywords and hot phrases, paying particular attention to those with a positive trade-off between the high volume and fewest rivals/ranking difficulty.
  6. We then tie this keyword research and competitor analysis together to create an SEO campaign in-line with your specific business goals.
  7. Our SEO copywriters develop high-quality content that the search engines adore as much as your customers. (We can either publish it for you or send it to you ready to copy and paste.)
  8. We work to promote the material to obtain backlinks (links from other sites) that search engines see as a strong indicator of your site's authority and trustworthiness—an aspect that many small businesses overlook and one of the main reasons they fail to gain traction with their digital marketing efforts.
  9. We check in with our monthly progress updates, evaluating your results against your targets and objectives.
  10. We tweak your content and the strategy as required, always a work-in-progress, to get you further and further up those rankings.

Why choose Quko?

Quko Studio are Melbourne-based real estate SEO experts, so we know the area, and we know the market.

Ours is a data-driven approach with proven results.

Content marketing is the most cost-effective marketing strategy there is, and it's central to our real estate SEO strategy. No pay-per-click ads; just a constant supply of organic (i.e. free) traffic from the search engines.

Our thorough keyword research determines exactly what your target audience is looking for online; then, our experienced SEO writers give it to them.

We create articles that communicate your services, expertise and trustworthiness; optimised to satisfy search engine algorithms as well as your customers, getting your site on that all-important first page of Google and all the extra traffic that entails.

  • data-driven approach
  • most cost-effective lead acquisition for small businesses
  • more leads > more appointments > more revenue
  • boost your brand visibility
  • no-contract

We take all the hassle and the guesswork out of your SEO, so you can concentrate on doing what you do best—catering for all the new leads.

And our unique ROI money-back guarantee takes all the risk off your shoulders.

There is a lot of hot air in this industry. Short-cuts and empty promises.

With our SEO services, we're happy to put our money where our mouth is.

And we're happy to do that because it is PROVEN to work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do SEO services cost?

The cost is determined by the scale and the complexity of your needs. A rough rule of thumb for a reputable SEO agency is between $1,000 and $3,000, and we are very competitively priced within this range.

We never suggest anything you don't need and will never advocate more spending on advertising or social media marketing. Instead, we concentrate on cost-effective content marketing where you know what you'll pay from the outset.

Does my real estate business need SEO services?

Absolutely! So much of the real estate market is online now, a presence there is essential, but without a proper SEO strategy and application, you will be conceding your business to the competitors who understand its importance.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO has the same remit as normal Search Engine Optimisation, only with an added emphasis on the geographical element. Although a website gives you the potential to target customers all over the globe, for most real estate agents, your target audience is probably located in the same city as you are.

Instead of trying to rank for general search terms related to your business, Local SEO puts its emphasis on ranking for search terms that drive local traffic to your business, optimising your content for the city or area where your potential customers are located.

Our local knowledge is another asset we bring to real estate businesses in Melbourne looking for a trustworthy, results-driven SEO agency.

How long does it take before I see results?

After the first few weeks, you should notice some changes. However, the most important advantages come after 6-12 months, as search engines re-evaluate your site's domain authority in light of your new focused and optimised material. It's from here that things really take off!

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