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If you need a quick, short-term win, then pay-per-clicks and adverts might be your best bet; if you want to build a lead-generating machine that works for you 24/7, then Shopify SEO is the call.

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What is Shopify SEO

As you know, 'being found' is half the battle, and search engines offer an opportunity to reach millions of customers every day.

Ecommerce SEO services involve going where your customers are and then maximising your visibility and credibility.

Optimise your site and its content to answer your customers' queries at every point in your marketing funnel.

The result is an increase in leads, sales and brand awareness, which starts the whole virtuous cycle all over again.

That's not to say it's easy.

It's a competitive landscape, and anything but a coherent, strategic approach will have you leaving some serious money on the table.

Our Shopify SEO services

Every businesses eCommerce SEO strategy is different, but our services include:

  • Our Shopify website SEO audit to ensure your site is primed for success
  • A Shopify SEO strategy built around your specific business objectives
  • Content that drives sales and brand awareness
  • On-page SEO to optimise the impact of your new content assets
  • The off-page SEO that plays such a vital role in how the search engines rank your site.

Why Quko Studio?

It can be hard to pick the best Shopify SEO company or Shopify SEO experts for your business, so why choose us?

We're not silver-tongued salesmen; we're mostly computer geeks, poring at data all day long, and it is actually this that sets us apart. We don't claim to be everything to everyone. Our approach and Shopify SEO strategies focus on what we do best- content marketing.

This has been proven to be the most cost-effective way for an e-commerce site to drive traffic, and so it is there we concentrate a large part of our efforts. Creating content assets that work for you 24/7, sending traffic to your site long after you stop using our services.

It relies on our rigorous keyword research and our skilled copywriters- what to write about and how to write it- for both audiences: the customers and the search engine algorithms.

Our SEO for Shopify revolves around targeted, high-quality content that sets your business apart in the crowded marketplace and gets your voice heard among the noise.

We take the hassle and the guesswork out of your Shopify SEO campaign, leaving you just to cater for the new sales.

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