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SEO is the most cost-effective method to market and grow your Melbourne small business, and Quko Studio helps you do just that.
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SEO is dollar-for-dollar THE most effective way for small businesses to market themselves.

If you are a small business in Melbourne looking to build yourself a lead-generating machine, you've come to the right place.

SEO strategies get you...

  • More leads
  • More appointments
  • More revenue, and
  • Better ROI than outbound marketing

SEO is the most cost-effective method to market and grow your Melbourne small business, and Quko Studio helps you do just that.

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What is SEO for small business?

"SEO" is Search Engine Optimisation.

Optimise your website and its content to appeal to the search engine's algorithms, which they reward by pushing you higher up the Search Engine Results Pages.

Think, when you search for something online, how many times do you venture past the first page?

SEO companies incorporate a range of tactics to ensure your website is one of the first results in the Google search rankings when your customers search for the goods/service your business offers.

From tweaking the structure of your site so the search engines can navigate and understand them better (a key factor used to rank respective sites) to strategic content creation, that attracts customers, establishes your authority and builds your brand.

Why choose Quko?

Quko Studio is a Melbourne-based small business SEO company with a data-driven approach and proven results.

Our SEO strategy focuses on content marketing- the most cost-effective method of lead acquisition: no costly pay-per-clicks, just content assets working for your business 24/7.

Our rigorous keyword research establishes exactly what your audience is asking for; then, our skilled copywriters deliver it.

Engaging articles that communicate your expertise, your trustworthiness and your services; optimised to satisfy search engine algorithms, get your site on that all-important first page in Google, and drive more leads to your site.

  • data-driven approach
  • most cost-effective lead acquisition for small businesses
  • more leads > more appointments > more revenue
  • boost your brand visibility
  • no-contract

We take all the hassle of SEO and content creation off your hands, so you can spend your time catering for the new leads.

And we have our unique ROI money-back guarantee that takes all the risk off your shoulders.

There is a lot of bluster and snake oil salesmen in this game. We're happy to put our money where our mouth is.

Contact us today for your free consultation, and we can start getting you found online. Finally.

Our 10-step "SEO for small business" process

  1. A site audit and analysis to ensure it's fully optimised.
  2. We check your Local SEO is all in place, ie. Google My Business and the local directories to ensure maximum visibility here. Local SEO is even more crucial for a small business, with so many being location-based.
  3. We audit your current content to see what's working, what needs tweaking, and where you may need to concentrate your efforts.
  4. Our competitor analysis checks their areas of success, weighing up whether to target the keywords they are currently getting most success with and/or areas they are neglecting.
  5. Our keyword research establishes what search terms receive the most volume, with special attention to terms with the most volume and least competition/difficulty to rank for.
  6. Then, we tie this keyword research and competitor analysis together to create an SEO campaign in-line with your business goals.
  7. Our professional SEO copywriters create the QUALITY content the search engines love as much as your customers do.
  8. We promote the content to get the backlinks search engines use as a huge signal of your site's authority and trustworthiness (an aspect many small businesses neglect and one of the main reasons they struggle to gain traction with their digital marketing efforts).
  9. We keep in touch with our monthly progress reports, analysing your results in line with your specific objectives.
  10. We tweak where necessary, ever a work-in-progress, as you see your site move up and up the search rankings, and you hear that phone ring more and more with new customers!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does SEO cost?

The fees for our services change depending on the scale and complexity of your needs. A rough estimate is $1,000 to $3,000 for a small business, with our prices well within this range. We never suggest anything you don't need and will never advocate more spending on advertising or social media marketing. Instead, we concentrate on cost-effective content marketing where you know what you'll pay from the outset.

Does my small business need SEO?

If you have an online presence, then Yes, absolutely! Small businesses both need and can benefit from SEO even more than their larger competitors and market leaders!

Local businesses need every marketing cent to be working for them. They can't afford expensive branding exercises or Superbowl adverts.

SEO is more of a meritocracy- if you make an effort to commit to a content strategy that genuinely adds value to your audience, you can go toe-to-toe with the bigger boys, drawing high intent leads to your site at a fraction of outbound marketings cost.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO has the same remit as normal Search Engine Optimisation, only with an added emphasis on the geographical element. Although a website gives you the potential to target customers all over the globe, for most small businesses, your target audience is probably located in the same city as you are.

Instead of trying to rank for general search terms related to your business, Local SEO puts its emphasis on ranking for search terms that drive local traffic to your business, optimising your content for the city or area where your potential customers are located.

Our local knowledge is another asset we bring to small businesses in Melbourne looking for a trustworthy, results-driven SEO agency.

How long does it take before I see results?

You may notice changes in the first few weeks, but the main benefits are felt after 6-12 months as the search engines re-evaluate your site's domain authority in light of your new focused and optimised content. From here, things really take off as everything you do and have done before now has an impact on how people perceive you.

Do you guarantee 1st spot on the rankings?

No one can guarantee 1st spot. If you see that promise, run a mile and then keep running. For certain search terms, you may be competing against industry giants with insurmountable 'domain authority'- such as Forbes or The Guardian.

So for many broader terms, it's simply not possible. To promise that is ridiculous.

However, the spots just below it ARE achievable. And for less competitive terms- albeit still with genuine buying intent- the gaps are there for us to go for those precious top spots.

We don't guarantee a top spot- no one can or should- but we DO guarantee ROI or your money-back, taking all the risk out of it for you.

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