Creating a modern browsing experience for Conquest Pools

We redesigned the Conquest Pools website to reflect their 50 years of experience as experts in the manufacturing of fibreglass pools.

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Building a website to reflect 50 years of manufacturing experience.

Conquest Pools have been experts in fibreglass manufacturing for over 50 years. Their outdated website required a revamp to reflect the quality and success of the brand.


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August, 2020

Conquest Pools competitor comparison.

Conquest Pools came to us to design an innovative and efficient way of displaying their products, and communicating important information to their customers.

Highlighting differences in comparison to competitors.

When we first talked with Conquest Pools the more obvious components of user experience came to mind. Customers needed a way to browse the range of pools and their sizes without having to go to the showroom or having to call.

We asked what made Conquest Pools different; and were happy to find that they are very passionate about the quality of the construction of their fibreglass pools. Unfortunately, the flaws of poorly constructed counterparts are not usually obvious to the untrained eye of unsuspecting customers. The bigger challenge for us is communicating this fact to customers and highlighting these important differences.

We bring attention to these issues through: a FAQs section right on the homepage, a feature highlight page, multiple call to action buttons leading to relevant information, and finally consistently highlighting the fantastic history of the company.

Simple user browsing experience.

Making it simple for users to browse styles and colours, as well as find relevant useful information on the topic.

The strategy is to create and utilise a Content Management System for the dynamic generation of pool styles, as well as their galleries and colours.

Furthermore, to help with the acquisition of customers we're implementing a long term a content output strategy, through dynamically generated blog content.

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A beautiful mobile browsing experience

With just over 52% of the Conquest Pools website audience browsing on mobile, we made it a priority to create a beautiful portable browsing experience.

A hand holding a mobile phone showing the Conquest Pools pool page website

Prioritising mobile useability.

Plenty of problems arise when users browse through websites on mobile.

Websites are likely to be slower, which we've tried to lessen by serving smaller resolution images until users navigate further into the gallery sections.

Navigating through mobile websites can be difficult. The traditional hamburger menus work, but require extra clicks to navigate through. That's why we included category navigation buttons on the top of certain pages.

Take a look at the image on the left.


Changing the way customers interact with the Conquest Pools brand. The website was just published and therefore results are not in yet. We're seeing promising results so far though.

August, 2020

project launch date


increase in online quotes


reduction in loading time compared to previous site


increase in website traffic

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